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That was a super-interesting day. Winning a Formula 3 race in England gave me the opportunity to test the Benetton in 1990 on the Silverstone South Circuit. Inside my head I’m the best driver in the world, full of confidence. Everybody’s saying: “Be careful. It’s a Formula 1 car.” I’m thinking: ‘No way I’m careful!’
There’s a long straight with a super-fast right-hander at the end of it. Behind that corner is the paddock they use for the South Circuit. There’s just a barrier between you and the mechanics, who were watching. I did my installation lap and then I was coming down that straight, absolutely flat out; full power, because the car felt very good. I saw the mechanics starting to run away! They thought this crazy guy was going to crash into the paddock!
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Pierre Gasly believes that he and Esteban Ocon will be able to overcome past differences and work together successfully at the Alpine Formula 1 team next year.
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Max Verstappen thought he would win this year’s Formula 1 world championship after July’s French Grand Prix when he pulled out a big points gap over Ferrari rival Charles Leclerc.
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Esteban Ocon says Alpine’s new Formula 1 car floor helped the team to its strong Japanese Grand Prix as it made the car a “pure pleasure” to drive.
Mika Hakkinen: An F1 life in pictures
At the turn of the century Formula 1 became the Mika and Michael show as Mika Hakkinen claimed two world championships by going wheel-to-wheel with Michael Schumacher. Over a collection of images from his F1 career, the Flying Finn shares some cherished memories with MAURICE HAMILTON about his route to the top, annoying Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, and that overtake in Spa…
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OPINION: The FIA revealed this week that Red Bull breached Formula 1’s cost cap, throwing the team into controversy. But why did its calculation put it several million dollars below the cost cap limit when the FIA deemed it to be over? And what will the governing body do as a sanction? What happens next could have vital implications for the very future of the world championship
The steps the FIA must take to restore its authority inside and outside F1
OPINION: After Spa and Abu Dhabi in 2021, Formula 1 has another saga to address after the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix. And it’s one that centres on the decisions of motorsport’s governing body, which is having what good it does do damaged in the court of public opinion. Here are some steps that would address this and hopefully satisfy all parties
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With three Formula 1 races having been disrupted by rain so far this season, the series has been made to look excessively cautious in the way it dealt with wet conditions. But what can be done to alleviate disruption like that which was seen in Suzuka?
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After a wet couple of Formula 1 rounds in Singapore and Japan, it is timely that PAT SYMONDS investigates the true effect of weather on car performance in F1
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Two drivers earn maximum scores in Motorsport.com’s driver ratings as Formula 1 made its long-awaited return to Japan. In the tricky conditions that greeted the grid at one of grand prix racing’s grandee circuits, here’s who impressed and who flattered to deceive
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The Japanese Grand Prix had a little bit of everything – for the right and the wrong reasons. From a recovery vehicle on-track controversy to both points and penalty confusion, Formula 1 went through a difficult afternoon at a soaking Suzuka, but none of which can discredit Max Verstappen’s latest masterclass to make him a worthy 2022 world champion
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While Max Verstappen’s second Formula 1 world championship triumph didn’t match the drama and controversy of his maiden success last year, it demonstrated how both driver and team have become an unstoppable force at the start of a new ground-effect era. Here’s a play-by-play account of the 10 key moments which decided how the season turned out
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