Monaco GP: Mick Schumacher calls for 'historic' race to remain on F1 calendar – GIVEMESPORT

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Mick Schumacher has said that it would be a shame to lose the ‘historic’ Monaco Grand Prix from the Formula 1 calendar, with him comparing it to the status of the Indy 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
This weekend the F1 paddock heads to Monte-Carlo for one of the most iconic events in all of sport; the Monaco Grand Prix.
It’s arguably the most recognisable race of the year given the unique, glamorous setting but, perhaps for the first time in its history, it is facing question marks over its future on the F1 calendar.
With new events joining the schedule all the time and big bucks coming with that, it has been levelled at Monaco that perhaps the fee they pay to host a race needs to increase, whilst you also have the argument – and a fair one at that – that the racing isn’t always that spectacular as the track is so narrow.
Ultimately, though, it remains one of the best examinations of a driver and their skills behind the wheel as one mistake spells catastrophe, and that surely still has a place at the pinnacle of motorsport.
Indeed, Mick Schumacher wants to see the race stay on the calendar, with him saying it’s just as iconic as other famous motorsport events like the Indy 500 – which incidentally also happens this Sunday – and the 24 Hours of Le Mans which is around the corner.
“It’s been a part of Formula 1 for so long and it’s a historic venue,” said Schumacher.
“It would be a shame to lose something which has been in the sport for so many years. It has always been counted as one of the big events to win. If you have the big three wins – the Indy 500, Monaco Grand Prix and 24 Hours of Le Mans – it would be a shame to lose that opportunity. It’s something that some drivers chase, it’s maybe not my number one priority, but some still might want to do that.”
There is a case to say, if possible, tweaks should be made to the circuit to improve the racing – though they’ve surely already thought about that before – but, even so, losing Monaco altogether would be a shame.
F1 needs its heritage, and Monaco is about as important as it gets in that regard.
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