Monaco GP to remain on F1 calendar 'for a few more years' despite fears over iconic race – Express

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The historic Monaco Grand Prix is set to stay on the Formula 1 calendar ‘for a few more years’ amid fears that it could be scrapped. In recent years there had been rumours that the Monaco race was up for the boot, with talks intensifying ahead of this year’s Grand Prix back in May.
Critics have hit out at the track in recent years, claiming that the streets of Monte Carlo are too narrow making overtaking nigh on impossible. Now under the ownership of Liberty Media, there has been talk that a number of races could be dropped, with the owners looking to implement a group of new tracks, including a new show-stopping meet in Las Vegas in 2023.
Monaco was at the top of a number of lists to be one of the races to face the drop due to its somewhat outdated track.
However, Auto Motor und Sport have reassured fans of the Monte Carlo race that it will be remaining on the calendar for now at least. 
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Monaco Grand Prix
How long exactly the race will remain part of Formula 1’s plans remains to be seen, especially if pressures from within the driving quota continue to grow. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was critical of the famous track earlier this year, hitting out at the 2022 race.
Hamilton – who has won the Monaco GP on three occasions – claimed that the meet in Monte Carlo in May ‘wasn’t really racing’. Following an eighth place finish in Monaco, he said: “Our car is very long and struggled with the graining.
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Lewis Hamilton
“But yeah, to go away here after such a long race, it felt like the longest race I’ve ever done, probably, it was quite a long race! I’m looking forward to the following races, hopefully they’ll be more fun… [Drivers were] just cruising from lap six. Literally cruising. 
“So it wasn’t really racing. I mean, Daniel [Ricciardo] did a great job today, so super happy for him, but ultimately we were all turned down and just cruising around, making sure we get to the end. Which, I don’t know if that was exciting for you guys to watch. If it is, no problem.”
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