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In the midst of Formula One drivers embracing their summer holidays on lavish islands and beaches, there’s Lewis Hamilton, chasing after an entirely different and, most importantly, distinct, goal. The seven-time F1 world champion is using up the three-week break to learn about his ethnicity, and it looks like it has been an absolutely flabbergasting journey for the Mercedes star.
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Of course, Lewis Hamilton has even tried sharing every bit of his experience with his ardent fans on social media through words and pictures. However, rather hilariously, one such picture managed to unleash an amusing chain of reactions from the fans, which also includes bizarre theories.
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First, let’s first talk about the picture itself. Ever since early Friday, Hamilton has been flooding his Instagram feed with pictures, including the ones featuring Gorillas. But that didn’t bother the fans much. Instead, moments later, a picture of Lewis Hamilton holding a goat managed to blow up on Twitter. Quite weird, isn’t it?
The most common reactions had the fans relating the animal goat to F1’s ‘G.O.A.T.‘, Hamilton. Ever since Hamilton crushed three of Michael Schumacher‘s greatest records (Championship titles, race wins, and pole positions), there has been a debate over who the real ‘Greatest of All Time’ is between the two racing alphas. And it looks like fans have used this viral picture as a window of opportunity to back their hero, Lewis Hamilton, as the real G.O.A.T.
F1 Fans Turn Against Beloved Lewis Hamilton as 37-Year-Old Champion Tries Busting a Move
about 13 hours ago
But that’s not it, quite interestingly. There were also references to Nicholas Latifi, who, in recent times, has been referred to as ‘Goatifi’. There were even fans accusing Hamilton of cheating on his pet pal, Roscoe.
Here are some of the rib-tickling reactions that caught our attention.
New best friend ~ pic.twitter.com/Bj9gT9QoYd
— Lewis Hamilton (@LewisHamilton) August 12, 2022

George & Roscoe as we speak- https://t.co/myGX9kfTtv pic.twitter.com/NzrwhX08At
— V🦋 (@meowcedes44) August 12, 2022

Roscoe Hamilton when Lewis Hamilton comes home after calling a goat his “new best friend” pic.twitter.com/hMDtwIijLC
— iesh🍒 (@LEWISHAMIL7ON) August 12, 2022

Roscoe when he sees a picture of his dad with his NEW BEST FRIEND pic.twitter.com/wINY9w0mV1
— ags 💜 (@agstkd) August 12, 2022

Lewis Hamilton speeds into Puck Fair row https://t.co/uC6f5Wwj5S
— Richard Chambers (@newschambers) August 12, 2022

F1's GOAT Lewis Hamilton holding football's GOAT Cristiano Ronaldo. pic.twitter.com/caUwyGTeCM
— The CR7 Timeline. (@TimelineCR7) August 12, 2022

Lewis Hamilton has finally caught up with Nicolas Latifi after Abu Dhabi… pic.twitter.com/1M9RW9Ojm7
— Will – FP1 (@FP1Will) August 12, 2022

Lewis Hamilton taking a picture with Lewis Hamilton 🙆🏾‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/3OrDDVgGm9
— paulyne🐉🇹🇿 (@paulyne777) August 12, 2022

live scenes of lewis hamilton with novak djokovic https://t.co/fjgHJ3oSVi
— Nikola (@djokohug) August 12, 2022

i think lewis hamilton posted a picture of himself with a goat i maybe wrong pic.twitter.com/8Yv6hDTCFq
— anya🍒 (@leclercscherie) August 12, 2022

Lewis Hamilton is planning to set another home in Kenya and start Goat Farming. pic.twitter.com/hmVaAWYMyr
— JOHN THE BAPTIST 🇰🇪 (@BAPTIST_JOHNN) August 12, 2022

Lewis Hamilton took to Instagram to share his experience in Rwanda, an east-African country. The Briton was particularly impressed with the Gorilla sighting and lauded the caretakers for their blinding efforts to preserve the species from extinction.
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A post shared by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton)

“We hiked up through beautiful green fields where children would sing to us and up a volcano where we found Gorillas. What a sight it was to see them in their natural habitat relaxed and protected by the community around them. This is where they should be, in their own homes free to live their lives in peace. It was a profound and truly moving experience. I’m in love with this country. Thank you for having us, I can’t wait to come back,” wrote the Mercedes driver.
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Overall, Lewis Hamilton does look quite energetic following the adventurous summer break, and safe to say, he looks pumped up for the second half of the 2022 F1 season too. So, will the racing legend manage to accomplish an astonishing finish to the rather turbulent campaign?
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