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This weekend at Monza former F2 and Formula E champion Nyck de Vries becomes the latest driver to make an unplanned Formula 1 race start as a stand-in for a grid regular.
It is a familiar position many drivers have found themselves in throughout F1 history, and even in just this century alone there have been plenty of instances of a replacement driver being needed.
In this quiz, we task you with naming each driver who’s served in this role since the start of the 2000 season.
But bear in mind – only those who came in due to ‘force majeure’ situations like race bans or injuries to series regulars are listed here, rather than full-time mid-season replacements or drivers who were brought in due to financial or competitive considerations.
Let us know how you got on in the comments below or by tweeting to @wearetherace, and be mindful of spoilers.
If the layout of the quiz is sub-optimal on your device of choice, try adjusting the page zoom level or switching to a different device – or play it directly on Sporcle’s site.

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