Race packages for 2023 F1 Las Vegas GP could cost fans up to $100,000 over the weekend: Reports – Sportskeeda

Packages for the 2023 F1 Las Vegas GP could cost race-goers up to $100,000 over the weekend, making it the sport’s most grand and expensive location.
The entire Las Vegas strip is set to be shut down for the weekend that will see drivers racing around iconic sites in Nevada.
Sin City will likely give Monaco a run for its money with its latest venture — the 2023 Las Vegas GP. While fans of F1 are accustomed to spending large amounts of money to watch their favorite drivers belt it around the track, the Las Vegas GP will perhaps be the sport’s grandest event.
It should be noted that standard ticket prices for the race have yet to be announced, but a report has emerged that some hotel and race packages could cost up to $100,000.
MGM Resorts CEO Bill Hornbuckle noted that rooms at the luxury hotels would cost considerably more during the 2023 Las Vegas GP, making the already-pricy hotel chain even pricier.
The company is also set to buy $20-$25 million worth of tickets from F1 so that it can create hotel packages for customers who want a grand experience in Las Vegas.
Red Bull boss Christian Horner has admitted that the addition of two more races to the already packed 22-race calendar is going to be challenging. However, a venue like Las Vegas would only add to the growth and spectacle of the sport.
Speaking to SkyF1, the Red Bull boss said that he’d favor an extra weekend in both Vegas and South Africa:
The logistics of the sport are overwhelmingly difficult for teams to manage, with a multitude of organizing needed each and every weekend. However, with the sport’s ever-growing popularity, it is no surprise that the promoters are making plans to expand their already-extensive calendars in the coming years.
As it stands, the 2023 F1 season is set to have 23 races, making it even more impressive than the current campaign.

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