Red Bull, Porsche F1 Deal Still a Bit of a 'Jigsaw' – autoweek.com

Word of the deal reportedly leaked; Red Bull team principal denies any done deal.
Red Bull and Porsche’s collaboration for the new 2026 power unit regulations has been widely anticipated for several months, though nothing official has yet been communicated.

Last week, Morocco’s Conseil de la Concurrence published a document outlining that Porsche intends to acquire 50 per cent of Red Bull Technologies. Proposed mergers such as these are subject to measures regarding anti-competition laws, and were submitted in several countries, but appeared to have been erroneously published by Morocco’s authorities, and picked up by German media. Red Bull boss Christian Horner tried to pour some ice on the situation.
“There’s some major caveats that we need to get past first, before things can get anywhere near progression,” Horner said. “And that primarily focuses on what are the final technical, sporting and financial regulations for the power unit going to be? Are they going to be fair and equitable to the newcomers versus the current incumbent?
“So, that is the first piece of the jigsaw that needs to be completed. And it’s something that I know the FIA are working hard on and hopefully in coming weeks, we’ll get to see that.”


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