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As speculation continues over his future in the sport, Daniel Ricciardo has given an update on what his options might be when he leaves McLaren at the end of 2022.
Daniel Ricciardo has outlined his two most “realistic” options for his F1 future, with the Australian ruling out the possibility of competing in another category.
It was confirmed in August that Ricciardo had mutually agreed with McLaren to terminate his 2023 contract with the team early. He will be replaced by his countryman Oscar Piastri.
Ricciardo’s next steps have not yet been announced, but he has reiterated his desire to stay in Formula 1.
“My headspace is in the same space,” the 33-year-old told media, including RacingNews365.com.
“I’m still keen to be part of F1. Of course, Plan A will be to be on the grid, so nothing’s changed. But as I said, I don’t want to just jump at the first seat available.

“I know the landscape probably changes as well [at the] end of next year, with contracts and whatever.”
When asked whether his decision will perhaps be between taking a reserve driver role with a leading team or racing with another outfit on the grid, Ricciardo agreed that this was the case, and stressed that he is keen to remain in F1 rather than pursue other areas of motorsport.
“That’s the two, I would say, realistic options,” he explained.
“[My goal is] not to be anywhere else [other than Formula 1]. I love other disciplines of motorsport, but I don’t see myself there.

“I feel as well [that if] I jump into something like that, then it closes the door in F1. It kind of feels like I’ve checked out, and I haven’t, so I’m solely focused on F1.”
Ricciardo was also quizzed on whether he would expect a reserve driver position to offer the opportunity to then return to the grid in time, and the eight-time race winner admitted that this route carries a risk of that comeback not happening.
“I know that if I choose to take a reserve role or not race next year, nothing’s guaranteed,” he added.
“Obviously, that comes at a risk, if you will. But yeah, that’s all weighing up.

“At this stage, I think, especially with a top team, there’s no guarantees.”
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