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Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is one of the most beloved racetracks in the world. The high-speed, roller-coaster-like circuit through the Ardennes forest has been the near-permanent host of the Belgian Grand Prix since 1925. Motor racing in the Belgian Ardennes traces its roots back even further, starting in 1902. This tradition is now at risk due to Formula 1’s current change of direction.
Along with mentioning it would take a meteorite for a woman to reach F1 in the next five years and that the world championship doesn’t need Andretti Autosport, Formula One Group CEO Stefano Domenicali mentioned that the Belgian Grand Prix isn’t slated to be held next year. The former Ferrari team principal implied that Spa-Francorchamps isn’t currently on the 2023 F1 schedule but still has an opportunity to be included.
According to Autosport, Domenicali said:
“Of course, we’re talking about a business where investment, the financial contribution, is very important, but we have always said that the traditional races, the races that we know they cannot bring the money that the others are bringing, have a full respect from us. So you will see that this will be respected also, not only this year, but also in the future. With Belgium, discussions are still on.”
“There is a lot of respect for these places. But if you recall, Belgium, there were some periods where it was not in the calendar, and they came back again. The memory sometimes is short. It’s a great place, no doubt about it. And that’s why we are discussing. What I can say is that we are in Spa this weekend. So you will see them [the promoters] a lot of times in my office.”
Over the past year, Spa-Francorchamps underwent a massive renovation project. The revamp was largely aimed at making the track safe for motorcycle racing. The Belgian circuit saw the revival of its 24-hour motorcycle race and hopes to potentially host MotoGP again in the future. The project also included new grandstands and surrounding infrastructure upgrades. Domenicali also noted that he was impressed with the investment into the venue and improved organizing. We’ll have to wait until next season’s provisional F1 schedule is released to be sure if Spa will remain or not.


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