"There was like €1,500"- Here's how Fernando Alonso used to lure McLaren staff to join him over Lewis Hamilton – Sportskeeda

Former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley recently revealed that Fernando Alonso had previously used financial incentives as tactics to lure the team from Lewis Hamilton’s side of the garage back in 2007 when both drivers raced for McLaren. The Briton was in his debut year but came in like a storm, taking away glory from two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, who reportedly handed envelopes with cash worth approximately €1,500 to incentivize all team members to support him.
Speaking on the PitStop podcast, Priestley said:
The 45-year-old added that Lewis Hamilton handled such situations differently than Fernando Alonso, emphasizing that the Mercedes driver “played little games with the media.” He said:
Although Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were only teammates for one season at McLaren, they were known to have some friction in their relationship at the time. The two-time world champion has, however, confirmed that while the two were certainly competitive, they were fair. He also claimed that McLaren did not have a good hold over the situation.
In 2021, as reported by PlanetF1, Fernando Alonso said:
Since his debut in 2007, Lewis Hamilton has won seven world championship titles but is not in contention for the same this season. Fernando Alonso, on the other hand, has not won a title since 2006.

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