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Daniel Ricciardo may be one of the most lovable man on the grid. However, recent events have seen the McLaren man landi into some major trouble. In his trip across the pond, Ricciardo took some time off to meet friends, and also lend his time to a podcast. The happy-go-lucky driver may soon come to regret this.
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Admittedly, Ricciardo, who was a guest on the YMH Studios podcast, has received heavy backlash over his choice to be in the program. Your Momma’s House is a raw comedy podcast that often made fans call it out for the jokes they serve.
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As the Honey Badger was on the show, fans called out the sexist jokes that were shared during his presence. Fans were also surprised to see how Ricciardo’s PR team allowed him to take such a decision. The McLaren driver, laughing off at the joke, also enraged some of the fans as they took to Twitter to share their reactions.
As the former Red Bull star was on the show, what fans found more offensive was how Ricciardo laughed off the sexist jokes shared during the show. While the hosts kept asking and sharing rather crude jokes, fans were certainly not convinced of the way everything played off.
Soon, Tweets flooded the platform, questioning Ricciardo’s reactions.
This is fucking awful @danielricciardo. You should know better than to laugh at disgusting stereotypes. Do fucking better https://t.co/h26UTQgMjI
— Rosie 💙💛 (@rxsiema3) November 5, 2022

Ricciardo generally has terrible judgement with podcasts (he's been on Barstool repeatedly) but this is just incredibly disappointing; sexist, playing into (weird) stereotypes of eastern europe.
misogyny coming from a woman is still misogyny, in the hosts' case. https://t.co/qprZXvzijr
— Hazel Southwell (@HSouthwellFE) November 5, 2022

Fuck this guy. I thought he was trying to cut that conversation but then he said "Budapest". This is the same podcast that agreed with Andrew Tate's opinions. I'm so done with Daniel Ricciardo. https://t.co/7nG8EJgj9K
— Ritik (@cactusjatt) November 5, 2022

Daniel fans called this out the DAY he did this pod. its just that nobody took interest and saw. https://t.co/u5uB2bCbr6
— Chloe x (@ricciardomcl3) November 5, 2022

However, not everyone found it offensive, as they understood the whole context of the show. Being an adult comedy podcast, they supported the hosts’ Tom and Christina, as well as the Honey Badger.
“Oh please he was just deflecting the question, he was clearly uncomfortable, did you want him to cancel the comedians right there?”
Then he shouldn’t have attended in the first place, they’re widely known for doing that kind of “humor”🤡🤡🤡 https://t.co/GxFfTQqR9W
— Marie🌸 MAX AND CHECO 2022 WCC💛🤍 (@ma_fe79) November 5, 2022

he tried everything to deflect these as*holes and he didn't do a perfect job but people calling him a racist and that he said BLM was unnecessary drama??? GTFO and stop lying https://t.co/LjWzLbL39g pic.twitter.com/Bb3gnxbMDv
— FormulAna 🏁 (@hamandavocadof1) November 5, 2022

he’s literally deflecting the question is he supposed to run out of the studio or swear at them on a live podcast? 😭😭 https://t.co/gRM2Ckr48O
— dhruv (@dhruvegobrando) November 5, 2022

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literally what the hell is he supposed to do here bro they tried like 7 times to get him to bite and he deflected each time https://t.co/yRUm2gEsiN
— kd🚀(ted kravitz fan) (@pireIli) November 5, 2022

However, the fans also pointed out how Daniel Ricciardo laughed off to deflect the question without making the whole show awkward. Also, at the same time, he managed to keep his composure as a guest.
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Did you watch the podcast? Let us know what you think about this.
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