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Last Updated: 02/11/22 10:38am
Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has dismissed the idea that he has been “hurt” by an uncompetitive 2022 Formula 1 campaign, but admitted his annoyance at “simply wrong” decisions made by the team this year.
Mercedes have been trying to claw back the deficit to their rivals in a season plagued by aerodynamic issues stemming from an extreme car design.
While the Silver Arrows are closer to the front with two podiums in a row, a win has alluded them, with Lewis Hamilton bemoaning Mercedes not splitting the strategy at last weekend’s Mexico City Grand Prix.
Wolff, who led the Mercedes team to 15 out of 16 team and driver championships between 2014 and 2021, was asked whether he was “hurt” by what remains a winless 2022 campaign.
“Hurt? Not at all,” Wolff told Performance People podcast.
“I’ve been through moments in my life where I’ve been hurt – this is more an annoyance”.
“It’s an annoyance on myself and on all of us in the team that we took decisions that were simply wrong”.
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Mercedes have struggled with their radical car concept for the all-new 2022 regulations that has led to problems with ‘porpoising’, bouncing and high drag at top speed.
Recent races in the United States and Mexico have seen signs of improvement with Hamilton finishing second on back-to-back occasions. Reflecting on the way Mercedes have bounced back, Wolff stressed the importance of not taking the loss personally.
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“Thinking about was the learning process at the speed it could have been? Probably, yes, but you set your own expectations in yourself and not achieving them is simply annoying,” Wolff said.
“But it’s important to not have a sense of entitlement. We don’t have that in the team. Fundamentally, it is a professional situation. It is not a personal situation”.
Wolff was also asked about managing Hamilton’s expectations. The team principal reiterated his view that Hamilton can continue into his forties, akin to NFL star Tom Brady.
Hamilton, 37, confirmed last week that he intends to sign a “multi-year” extension to his current contract with Mercedes, which expires at the end of the 2023 season.
“Lewis is totally mature and conscious about where he stands in his career,” said Wolff.
“He’s not being led by his emotions like I’ve seen with sportspeople who think it can go on forever and trying to hang on to it.
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He added: “You can push that shelf life a further way by a certain lifestyle, by being very disciplined.
“He knows that one day he will not be the best himself anymore. that hasn’t happened yet and he’s doing everything in terms of how he’s performing and how he’s living to continue.
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“I think he has a few good years left in him and he’s going to be the first one to say I don’t think I can compete against a 24-year-old.”
November will see Wolff and his team Mercedes attempt to get their first race win on the board at Brazil and Abu Dhabi, with both races live on Sky Sports F1.
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