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Max Verstappen has delivered his verdict on this year’s all-new F1 technical regulations and believes “there are a few things to look at”.
F1 introduced the new regulations for the current campaign with a focus on generating downforce through ground-effect technology to allow for closer and more exciting racing.
While this has worked for the most part – close racing has been achieved on a variety of track layouts – Verstappen explained that there is still work to be done before the drivers will be 100 per cent satisfied.
“I think following has been quite a bit better, so that’s positive,” said Verstappen.
“But of course, the weight of the cars, they’re extremely heavy, which I think it’s not great, which I don’t really see a quick solution for.
“But overall the following and stuff has been a bit better.”
Despite amassing a commanding 80-point lead in the drivers’ standings over Charles Leclerc, Verstappen has spent a considerable amount of time following on race days, with Ferrari holding the upper hand on single-lap pace.
But although the Dutchman agrees that it is now easier to stick to the gearbox of a rival while in dirty air, he reflected that there are still some issues.
“I mean, it’s difficult to expect really, how much better it would be but for me at least you have a better chance of racing, but then again, on some tracks is still very hard to follow,” added the Red Bull driver.
“But that’s also in combination with tyres overheating and stuff. So there are a few things to look at.”


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