Vettel Admits Sad Truth About Ladder To 'Elite' F1 – WTF1

The world is a MUCH better place when Sebastian Vettel is in an F1 car. But, in its current elitist state, the German has admitted a very sad truth about his journey to F1.
In a drivers press conference at Spa, Vettel told media including The Race: “I think if I had to start, if I was seven again today, I’m not sure I would make it, just because you need to have the financial backing at a very, very early age.” 
“It has turned into an elite sport.” 

The road to an F1 seat is STUPIDLY expensive, costing drivers millions of dollars to even get their foot in the door.
Even if they do have the talent to make it to F1, teams are often reluctant to take on rookies unless they have some sort of major financial backing. As they say CASH IS KING! 
“Overall motorsport has become too professional. And with professionalism there’s also the financial aspect,” Vettel added.
“I mean look at F1. Now we have the budget cap to try and counter that but there was no limit before we entered that era, where we are in today, and teams were spending more money than they had and that’s all for the teams.”
Do you think F1’s ‘pay to play’ format is stopping potential young stars from getting to F1? 


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