"We are right where the music plays"- Mercedes in 'right balance' at 2022 F1 Dutch GP, claims Toto Wolff – Sportskeeda

Mercedes dominated Friday’s first practice session ahead of the 2022 F1 Dutch Grand Prix. Although the Ferraris took the top spot in FP2, Lewis Hamilton showed quite some pace and set the third-fastest lap time.
While Mercedes continue to chase their first race win of the season, team boss Toto Wolff seems optimistic about the upcoming race, emphasizing that the team is “right where the music plays”. He also revealed that the team has understood what goes behind the fluctuations in the car’s performance on different tracks, claiming that the only way around it is to find the “right balance”.
In a conversation with Sky F1 at the end of Friday’s practice sessions, Wolff was asked about the relative difference in the pace of the Mercedes from one circuit to another. He answered, saying:
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He added:
Mercedes got off to a rough start in the 2022 F1 season with major porpoising issues that the team seems to have tackled over time. While they are yet to secure a win this year, the Silver Arrows have made significant progress over the season. Lewis Hamilton set the top three lap times on Friday and seemed cautiously optimistic heading into qualifying and the main race on Sunday.
As reported by GPFans, the Briton revealed his expectations from the weekend in Zandvoort, saying:
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Mercedes currently stand third in the constructors’ standings with 316 points to their name.

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