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F1 is one of the most expensive sports in the world. The astronomical costs relating to all aspects of the sport affect all entities. Sadly, the affected entities also include the fans. A fresh example of the same is the acts of the home turf of Lewis Hamilton.
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Staying on the F1 calendar is an expensive affair for all circuits. There are fees and standards that need to be maintained by all tracks to be eligible to host a Grand Prix. Moreover, the eligibility does not guarantee a place on the calendar, as the circuits need to pay a hefty fee to come into circulation. Because of these added costs, tickets for a GP weekend are exorbitantly high.
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However, most fans happily pay high sums to go watch their favorite drivers. Although a new tactic by Silverstone’s management, Hamilton’s favorite track is outraging his British contingent. British fans are rallying against the new subscription model, which affects the 2023 British GP.
The subscription, which costs $114 dollars, provides access to a lot of features like discounts and invites to exclusive events at Silverstone. However, the feature that affects all F1 fans is the priority booking feature. This feature allows the subscribers to get access to the booking window 48 hours prior to non-subscribers.
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This priority feature will force fans to get the subscription if they want to snatch the best seats. A $114 dollar surcharge for the opportunity to book better seats? The fans are not thrilled!
The subscription model, being shared via mail, is not a good look on the Silverstone management according to the fans. However, the angry fans aren’t sitting quietly and are sharing their thoughts on exactly how they feel about the subscription.
Had an email from Silverstone. If I pay £99 for a year's membership I can book British GP 2023 tickets 48 hours before general release plus other offers. The other offers I'd never use. So fuck off. Also £99 quid will last me 2 hours trackside so duh! 😂
— 🌼Kazza🌼 (@___Kazza___) September 6, 2022

Seriously what are @SilverstoneUK doing?! Year after year ticket prices increase (as does parking and inner track tickets), and now they want people to pay £99 to get tickets a few days earlier? I’ve been to 8 British GP’s and it looks like there won’t be a 9th 😒 pic.twitter.com/PlP3i1t6Ex
— Rachel Watkinson (@rachelwatkinson) September 5, 2022

The subscription model is extremely offputting for some fans, as even regulars are second-guessing buying tickets for the 2023 British GP.
So if you want the best deals for tickets @SilverstoneUK for the 2023 British GP you have to pay £99 to join the ‘Silverstone Racing Club. What a rip-off. Tickets cost enough already! #RipOff
— Grumpy Old Ponty Boy (@LeighPontypridd) September 5, 2022

Bought camping for British GP next year and just had an email from Silverstone about a new membership that costs £99 and offers 48 hour priority to tickets for events including the GP next year! Curious is anyone has actually got it!
— Harvey (@Harvey_LN4) September 5, 2022

@SilverstoneUK tell me when tickets get released for the british gp and i'll bake you a cake
— rachel (@racheltrpf1) September 1, 2022

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An accurate representation of me learning Silverstone think it’s ok to charge fans £99 for priority ticket access, especially during a cost of living crisis. Disgusting greed!!!
— Jordan ¹⁰³ (@F1_Jordan) September 5, 2022

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Very disappointed to learn @SilverstoneUK have started with priority booking for £99. Presumably necessary if you want good grandstand seats. Just another lousy way to price out the fans who are already ripped off compared to other F1 venues… especially during these times pic.twitter.com/WFhnVzTFxk
— Jordan ¹⁰³ (@F1_Jordan) September 5, 2022

Silverstone now trying to make you pay £99 for a subscription with the promise of access to priority ticket purchases, have they no shame on top of the horrendous price hikes each year. Perhaps they should improve the facilities with the extra cash 🤬 #F1 #Silverstone
— Chelle (@Blonde_Nutter) September 5, 2022
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All fans are in agreement as they share their reactions to the subscription model mail on Twitter. Apparently, there are price hikes each year and yet most spend their hard-earned money to fill the grandstands. However, this could all change at Silverstone thanks to the subscription model.
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