"What he did is something that you cannot do"- Lando Norris wants Max Verstappen penalized for 2022 F1 Japanese GP qualifying incident – Sportskeeda

Lando Norris had a strong reaction to his incident with Max Verstappen at the qualifying session ahead of the 2022 Japanese GP in Suzuka. The Briton believes the Dutchman made the wrong move and deserved a penalty.
Speaking to Sky Sports F1 after the race, Norris commented on the incident harshly, saying:
Asked if Max Verstappen was trying to block his overtake during the out-lap, Norris felt that there is a gentleman’s agreement that Verstappen broke by swerving into him. Verstappen was on a slow out-lap and had an unintentional oversteer moment while trying to avoid Norris, who was rapidly quick on his out-lap.
The duo could have made contact had Norris not run off track to avoid the Red Bull car. After the investigation of the incident, the stewards have reprimanded the reigning champion but the Dutchman will keep his pole position for the Japanese GP.
Asked if Verstappen deserved a penalty for the drive, Norris said:
Explaining the incident with Lando Norris in the penultimate moments of the qualifying session, Max Verstappen claimed his tires were cold which led to an oversteer moment. However, Norris drove around Verstappen as he almost swerved into the Briton.
Explaining the incident to F1 TV, the Dutchman said:
Verstappen continued:
As it stands, Verstappen will keep pole position and has been reprimanded for the incident, being his first reprimand of the season. Starting from pole position, Max Verstappen will have to win the race and clinch the fastest lap of the race to claim his second World Drivers’ Championship title.
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