Why Driving An F1 Car In The Rain Is One Of The Most Enduring Tests For A Racer – Digg

Here’s how Formula One drivers have to recalibrate their entire racing approach when barreling down straights at 200 MPH in rainy conditions.
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This week we’ve also got a negroni, sbagliato, with prosecco in it, and reactions to Mario’s voice in the “Super Mario” trailer.
Eldorado is creating a safe and efficient video game marketplace.
Brosnan revealed why he finally decided to make a superhero film, and the character that inspired his decision.
Your TV is filled with things that go bump in the night. Den of Geek presents the best horror shows of the past 15 years.
The lads from Totally Handy demonstrate how you can turn any bike into a chain-less one.
Many of the world’s top DJs performed at the Tokyo club contact, which closed down in September.
“I have undertaken this dreadful quest because Scott ‘ScottyMarkets’ Martin went on some Fox Business show to complain about President Joe Brandon’s reckless pro-inflation governance.”
The Western Montana band, who are now based in Nashville, Tennessee, brought the bluegrass to Scranton.
There’s one clear winner.
Released 25 years ago this week, the acoustic hit stands as the defining song by the legendary pop-punk trio. This is the story of how that happened.
Jack Bishop and Julia Collin Davison from America’s Test Kitchen taste different types of blue cheese and reveal how each one is made.
How US policies aren’t keeping up with global migration trends.
Things our editors love, great sales, games, useful home and tech gadgets and a whole lot more.
Gamecamp.gg is a staple to save you money while unlocking gaming.
“The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself” follows the journey of 16-year-old Nathan, the illegitimate son of the world’s most dangerous witch.
In Denmark, the Nordic concept of friluftsliv — or unwinding in the outdoors — includes troll hunts, shoreline biking and stargazing in Scandinavia’s first International Dark Sky Park.
For some reason, Herschel Walker thinks the best way to distract from reports he paid for a former partner’s abortion is to share a weird anecdote about a bull who impregnated several cows.
199 humans have opted to be “cryopreserved” with the hopes of being revived in the future.
New Channel 4 show “Art Trouble” will give an audience the option of destroying work by “problematic” artists like Adolf Hitler and Rolf Harris.
Sharon Horgan had a good reason for doing this to Claes Bang’s corpse.
A new study finds no correlation between research and development spending and outlandish drug prices.
“I wish he hadn’t responded the way he did.”
Consuming microplastics puts your health at risk. LARQ’s water filtration systems can keep you safe.
The actress discusses travelling to Ukraine to meet President Zelensky and those affected by Russia’s invasion.
Actors are now so consistently fit that films are continually having to “ugly up” demi-gods. It’s not fooling anybody.
This clever lighting system for bicycles has raised over $1,000,000 on Kickstarter.
People have been searching for a fountain of youth for thousands of years. Celine Halioua thinks she’s found one — for canines. Be patient, we’re next.
Dwayne Johnson hints at a huge “Black Adam” cameo that Jimmy Fallon said fans will “freak out” about when they watch the film.
Danny Peña from X-Play sits down with Boon to talk about the legacy of “Mortal Kombat” and what’s next for the iconic series.
Fraser starred in three “The Mummy” films from 1999 to 2008, before Cruise took over the 2017 reboot.
Chris Goode was considered a genius playwright and director. But the boundaries he pushed were personal. Now his grooming of young actors is coming to light. THE FACE speaks to the survivors.
Includes clips from Billy Joel, Miley Cyrus, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Jewel, Jay-Z, and Lisa Loeb.
An alarming study finds that air pollution breathed in by pregnant women is making its way to the fetus.
This week, we are refusing to be photographed, not accepting emails and defying the haters. Thank you.
Black met a young fan and performed his favorite song for him.
Ever need a zen moment to gather yourself after a tough day? This adult coloring book will ****ing lift you up!
Without knowing it, you could have experienced what the internet calls “quiet dumping.”
Doctor Doom, aka Victor Von Doom, is one of Marvel’s biggest, baddest and most treacherous characters ever written, but he never got his fair due on screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky were indicted on multiple charges after a video showed their catch apparently stuffed with lead weights.
We’re often told that relationships are meant to be exciting and life-consuming, but when you’re comfortable in one, is that a bad thing?
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