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Has achieved at least one victory and one pole in every season
Lewis Hamilton is a sportsman used to winning and, when he doesn’t, it makes the news.
Last year, he only missed out on the Formula 1 title on the last lap of the Abu Dhabi GP, as Max Verstappen prevented him from claiming his eighth title, which would have seen him overtake Michael Schumacher as the driver with the most F1 successes.
Hamilton has 103 victories, 188 podiums and 103 pole positions from his career. He has been very consistent, as he has secured at least one pole position and one race win in each of his F1 seasons.
Now, though, at 37 years of age and in his 16th season in F1, he has found that Mercedes have failed to put together a competitive car in the year of regulation changes.
The W13 is a car that is clearly inferior to Red Bull and Ferrari and that is weighing down Hamilton, who in this 2022 campaign has been unable to win a race or achieve pole position.
There was a phase in this season when Hamilton didn’t seem to have a chance of getting any pole positions or victories.
But, that has changed. In Bahrain he made the podium, but then he went through a dark period before rediscovering his form in the last few races before the break.
He has now made the podium five times and, on the last two occasions in France and Hungary, he finished second.
“With some more hard work we can hopefully get closer to the chance of a win,” said Hamilton, who is currently sixth in the drivers’ standings with 146 points.
“I truly believe we can get a race win this year.”
To make matters worse, George Russell, who sits fourth with 158 points, is performing better than Hamilton.
It’s not that Hamilton is undefeated in his battles with teammates in the past (remember Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg), but it’s certainly something he deeply “hates”, as Rosberg has revealed.
Incidentally, Russell took the pole position in Hungary. Meanwhile, Hamilton still has no poles or victories and could tarnish his immaculate CV in 2022.
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