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29th November 2021, 14:11 | Written by
Join us on RaceFans Live as Formula 1 heads to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit for the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.
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Jere (@jerejj)
29th November 2021, 15:17
I don’t get these sudden timetable changes without an apparent reason.
Nothing was wrong with the original session timings, but still, the race got postponed from 19:00 (local) to 20:30, & very recently, the other sessions also got pushed back separately from the former.
I also don’t get this 30-past thing for this race instead of 20:00 like the new FP2 & QLF timings.
Timetable changes should only be for stuff like countries stopping clock changes which lead to earlier sunset times (Azerbaijan & Brazil) on the respective GP weekends & consequently force an hour earlier race start or the Royal funeral on the Imola weekend.
This changing for its sake thing also applies to last season’s rescheduled Bahrain GP & Sakhir GP + both Silverstone events.
Next season’s Saudi-Arabian GP will probably have the 19:00-19:00-19:00 (FP2-QLF-Race) pattern anyway, considering different things:
Singapore GP already has 20:00 as the local start time (both SA & Sakhir GP timings were seemingly for SGP cancellations), no Qatar GP, having a different local starting hour for each floodlit race, etc.
Nevertheless, I was still unhappy when the race got postponed by 1h30min last month.
I’d be most happy if all floodlit sessions started at 17:00, though, as 17:40 sunset time would mean an Abu Dhabi GP backdrop, although FP2 & QLF (unless for red-flag stoppage) would end when the sky isn’t entirely dark yet.
FP3 will have this, though.
18:00 next season (sunset 18:35 & 18:36), but 19:00 as the earliest post-sunset hour beginning is equally okay if/when this will be next season’s timing.
29th November 2021, 16:46
I agree
That was
a point
that needed
Jere (@jerejj)
29th November 2021, 17:02
@jeff Long post, so that was the only viable way of making it decently readable.
I guess I should’ve started with a ‘long post’ warning, LOL.
Wheel Nut (@wheel-nut)
29th November 2021, 16:49
Extra 90 mins for the tarmac to cure /s
Jere (@jerejj)
29th November 2021, 17:00
@wheel-nut No difference because tarmac has to get cured further in advance anyway.
Matt Dickens (@tsmv)
30th November 2021, 3:10
The tarmac thing was a yoke.
Tricky (@tricky)
30th November 2021, 14:57
or to install the start lights 🙂
Jere (@jerejj)
30th November 2021, 16:43
@tricky No difference either.
They’re temporary F1-specific ones on every circuit anyway & always in place beforehand.
DB-C90 (@dbradock)
30th November 2021, 2:45
Late Night/Early morning for me – another reason I won’t be watching
Ben (@1nkling)
30th November 2021, 9:48
Weirdly, works out a lot better for me as my partner isn’t getting back till 4pm on the Sunday and I’m in charge of a toddler. I thought watching the race was going to be tricky for me but now should be fine. 🙂
Qeki (@qeki)
29th November 2021, 21:20
After Enzo Ferrari died Ferrari took 1-2 in the next race
Colin Chapman: 12th and DQ
Bruce Mclaren: DNS for 4 cars
Ken Tyrrel: 8th and 11th (BAR)
Andy Bunting (@wildbiker)
4th December 2021, 8:28
Please put the TV times back on the header of the first page.
Thank you.
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