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The ones who follow Formula One diligently are familiar with the accidents that take place on the track. Among them, a few turn so serious that leaves the driver quite incapable to come out of their racing car. For cases like these, Formula One has protocols to take these injured drivers out carefully and give them the needed treatment.
A video posted on YouTube by Matt Amys shows the meticulous procedure that is followed to take an injured driver out of the cockpit. The process shown in the video takes place in a simulated cockpit at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. One can observe that Amys has been strapped to a racing seat in F1 style with a racing suit, helmet and HANS device on.
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The first step of rescue is to determine whether the driver is conscious and if they are, determining if they are in pain or not follows. The medical team then asks the driver if they will be able to remove the helmet and gloves by themselves. A BARC Rescue Coordinator and TOCA Safety team member Martin Hunt said that if they receive positive responses to these questions, the team confirms that the driver is breathing. “So we’ll get them to remove their own crash helmet as a first approach because, clearly, it’s way better if somebody removes their own helmet rather than us doing it,” Hunt added reportedly.
Following these measures, the driver gets strapped into the seat which is then used in its entirety as a makeshift stretcher to remove the injured individual from the car. The seat comes with multiple hidden straps that are wrapped at many locations around the driver and these are FIA approved. To keep them secured in their position while the medical team is getting them out, they use another set of straps to lift the seat and the driver out of the racing car.
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The rescue team places a board under the driver which helps them to rest the seat on the car and then the members of the team get on one side to remove the driver completely from the car. After this, the individual is taken to a medical centre for further checkups. Though accidents of this seriousness are not that frequent, the rescue team, however, has to practice this regularly in order to ensure that when it happens in reality, the members are able to remove the driver quickly and gently.
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