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Ricciardo is focused on making his comeback in 2024.
Daniel Ricciardo is entering uncharted territory in his F1 career as he prepares for a year on the sidelines in 2023. 
Ricciardo's departure from McLaren put him in an awkward position in the driver market, especially with Alpine's decision to sign Pierre Gasly for next season. 
Rather than spend a season with Haas or Williams (the only teams left with a vacant 2023 seat), the 33-year-old will be banking on better opportunities presenting themselves for the 2024 season. 
In an interview with Lawrence Barretto, Ricciardo explained his plan for next season. 
"You will see me around. It's going to look different for me [next season], but there is very much still a plan in place. 
"So, it's not that I am checking out and saying 'see you later'; it's far from that.
"I'm just putting in a plan to honestly try to get me back to the front of the grid and win races and do all the stuff I know I can do. 
"I'm excited for the final four [races]. I mean, I'm excited for this track. I find that I always get two-tenths extra here just being in Texas, so let's see."
Many have outlined that Ricciardo is taking an immense risk by not competing in F1 next season. 
It does not seem there will be much little wiggle room in the market at the front of the field, with Red Bull and Ferrari's drivers both on multi-year contracts. 
George Russell is also at Mercedes for the long term, whilst Lewis Hamilton has already hinted at extending his current deal with the team. 
Pierre Gasly has joined Alpine on a multi-year deal alongside Esteban Ocon, who is also contracted to continue racing at Alpine until the end of 2024. 
At first glance, these facts make Ricciardo's options for a potential 2024 comeback appear even more limited than those currently available. 
With that said, this season has demonstrated how unpredictable and volatile the F1 market can be, so Daniel Ricciardo will be waiting to pounce on any opportunity. 


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