F1 News: Mick Schumacher to Williams, Hulkenberg to Haas argues Ex-F1 Champion – Sports Illustrated

Schumacher to Williams, Hulkenberg to Haas?
Two-time World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi has explained who he believes should take the final vacant seats on the 2023 grid. 
Schumacher and Hulkenberg are the two drivers reported as being in contention to race for Haas next season, with the American team still evaluating the performances of Mick Schumacher. 
In an interview with vegasinsider.com, Fittipaldi explained his ideal scenario:
"For sure, Mick Schumacher could be on a better team because Williams are getting better. They have the potential to improve. 
"It could be a very good team for Mick for the future if that happens [the move to Williams] because the team is ready to go to the next level soon."
The Double World Champion also believes Hulkenberg deserves a seat with Haas.
"Hulkenberg has always been extremely fast, extremely talented. I think he's normally been underestimated. That's my personal opinion."
Fittipaldi's scenario seems very reasonable, considering that it benefits both teams. 
Haas is evidently uncertain whether to offer Schumacher a new contract, so the 23-year-old can likely find more security with a Williams contract
Although Williams seems keen on acquiring Logan Sargeant, the Grove-based team could benefit from Schumacher partnering with Albon if they believe Sargeant needs another season in Formula 2.
Hulkenberg's career in the midfield suggests that he could be a better driver for Haas than even Kevin Magnussen, so his signing is more logical than many have suggested.  


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