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The F1 season-ending points title could come down to the wire.
Lewis Hamilton took home the checkered flag on Sundat the Qatar Grand Prix and with two races remaining on the F1 schedule, he’s turned Max Verstappen’s lead into single digits.
Hamilton took home 25 points for the win while Verstappen earned 18 points for his second place finish. Although Hamilton won with ease on Sunday, Verstappen was able to put together the fastest lap to close out the race and gain a bonus point.
Two races remain and Verstappen’s lead is eight points. Coming into the Qatar Grand Prix, Verstappen had 332.5 points while Hamilton had 318.5. Heading toward the December 5th Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, Verstappen now has 351.5 while Hamilton has 343.5.
If Verstappen is able to claim a podium finish in each of the remaining two races, Hamilton would need to win one of them and finish ahead of Verstappen in the other. If the top two drivers in F1 claim first and second in the final two races, Hamilton would have to take the checkered flag in both races to claim the point total. Considering they have claimed the top two positions in 12 of 20 races this season, odds are pretty good this happens again.


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