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Lewis Hamilton has admitted he has “difficulty finding balance” and also that he struggled to enjoy things away from F1 in his younger years. He explained this is part of the reason he now lives an active lifestyle in a bid to “challenge” himself, having become a licensed skydiver among his many other hobbies outside of F1.
Hamilton also revealed he also spends more time with family and friends now than in previous seasons. Speaking to GQ, Hamilton said: “Just like everyone, I have great difficulty finding balance.
“When I was younger, it was all about staying focused and doing my job so it took me a long time to carve out time in my schedule to make sure I do other things I love and tap into my creativity. Now, whether it’s special projects, exercise or music, I make sure I implement finding things that create balance into my lifestyle and spend time with family and friends.
“I feel like we limit ourselves in life. We keep ourselves in safe little bubbles and in society, and our brains with so many different things, and we also get in the way of ourselves a lot. So I do a lot of things to challenge myself like skydiving. When I first get to the edge of the frickin’ plane, I’m terrified but I’m always trying something new, even if I’m crap at it, so I know if I’m not challenging myself then I’m just limiting myself.”
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Hamilton has thrown himself into the world of fashion in recent years, attending the lucrative Met Gala in New York last year. He also has a passion for music and has even installed a recording studio in his home.
The Mercedes star also appears keen on watersports and enjoyed paddle boarding with Moto GP champion Fabio Quartararo during the summer break. Hamilton admitted he has dabbled in surfing as a way to “cleanse” negative energy.
He added: “I would say I swim a lot more than I surf [laugh]. I’m so competitive so I paddle for pretty much every wave.
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“I could be out there for hours and I might miss 100 waves but I get five good waves in the day. What I really love about it is you don’t have your phone with you, it’s time on your own, you have time to think and just let the waves continue to go and appreciate just how powerful mother nature is.
“I also feel the ocean is very cleansing and I just like getting rid of negative energy.”
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