Red Bull's Christian Horner feels 'it makes sense to group some of the races together' on the 2023 F1 calendar – Sportskeeda

F1 recently announced that a more region-based calendar was in the works for the 2023 F1 season, where races from a particular region were grouped to reduce travel costs. Red Bull boss Christian Horner has now given his approval to the idea.
Horner felt that clubbing some of these races makes perfect sense in the global climate. Claiming that the current calendar does not make much sense geographically, the Briton said:
Guenther Steiner also feels that the new calendar is a positive step despite its challenges. The Haas team principal highlighted a lack of flexibility when it comes to moving Canada’s position on the calendar as it gets too cold to race in and loses its viability at any time other than the current sweet spot.
He said:
While some races could undoubtedly lose viability if moved from their particular spot, the step to make the calendar more region-specific is a welcome one considering the long-term future of the sport.


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