"The clock is ticking for Alonso" – Fernando Alonso will see his form 'subside at some point', says F1 pundit – Sportskeeda

F1 expert Marc Surer believes that time is running out for Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard recently signed a multi-year contract with Aston Martin, instead of continuing his partnership with Alpine, who were only offering him a one-plus-one deal.
Alpine boss Otmar recently revealed that the Spaniard desired “certainty” that the team was simply unable to offer. With the comments made by Surer, it is easy to assume that the former racing driver understands where Alpine were coming from.
In a video on the Formula1.de YouTube channel, Surer revealed his expectations for Alonso’s future within the sport, saying:
Fernando Alonso celebrated his 41st birthday last weekend and revealed that he is as hungry as ever to fight in F1.
Television analyst Ted Kravitz shared quite a crazy theory recently, claiming that Fernando Alonso’s deal with Mercedes-powered Aston Martin could potentially mean that the Silver Arrows are securing the two-time world champion to replace Lewis Hamilton, should the Briton decide to retire from F1.
Kravitz told Sky Sports News:
Speculation regarding Lewis Hamilton’s retirement plans has significantly reduced over the past few races, although nothing is ever guaranteed.


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