"The stewards got it about right" – Lando Norris comes out in support of the FIA's decision to delay the start to the 2022 F1 Monaco GP – Sportskeeda

Lando Norris recently revealed that, in his opinion, the stewards made the right call to delay the race start at the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend for as long as they did, given the tricky rain-affected track conditions, despite the differing opinions of several others.
As reported by PlanetF1, the Briton agreed that the conditions were not safe for racing in Monaco, which makes for one of the most challenging circuits on the calendar. Norris said:
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The McLaren driver further went on to say:
Lando Norris managed to secure sixth place and scored an extra point for the fastest lap, contributing significant points to McLaren in their fight for third in the constructors’ standings.
Lando Norris was certainly happy with his sixth-place finish at the Monaco GP last weekend but admitted that he would be having strategy talks with his team. The Briton appeared to be disagreeing with the team over the radio during the race.
As reported by PlanetF1, the McLaren driver said:
Lando Norris currently stands seventh in the drivers’ standings.


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