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The excitement surrounding cryptocurrencies has brought new users to the sector every year. For example, the year 2021 saw many sports institutions reach out to their fans in a new way by creating cryptocurrencies called “fan tokens”.
Numerous famous football clubs like Barcelona, Manchester City, and Arsenal have jumped on this trend and partnered with many blockchain firms to issue their own cryptocurrencies to give their fans exclusive membership perks.
A fan token is a concept that was created to help clubs or sports organizations efficiently monetize their fanbase. It is a chance for fans to show their dedication or love for their favorite team or sport while enjoying the benefits of the tokens.
One can consider it a fan subscription without any need for renewal. The tokens prove that the fan can access every benefit the team or organization gives. However, these perks can vary from team to team. Some may gift their token holders with VIP passes to games, merchandise, or interactive opportunities with the players of their choice. At the same time, some may include private parties with the team or prizes like a car or trips to various destinations.
Today, we will dig deeper and create a list of the top 10 fan tokens worth investing in 2022.
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Before we cover each fan token in detail, let’s briefly outline the top 10 fan tokens to invest in 2022.
If compared to other fan tokens, Battle Infinity is much more than just a typical fan token. Moreover, Battle Infinity is an ecosystem that mainly focuses on fantasy sports giving its players an option to create teams and do battles with other players to reach a better rank within their league.
The platform’s native governance token is IBAT, hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. So, all in-game assets are valued through IBAT, and players can use the currency for transactions, staking, and other in-game activities. It was listed on LBank Exchange on August 26, 2022, to expand its global reach further and help it achieve its vision.
Battle Infinity is a crypto project inspired by leading crypto-game platforms such as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox. However, in comparison, it offers more than these platforms by paying more attention to security, transparency, and improved user experiences.
All players earn from a stake pool, making the source of revenue a whole transparent. As a result, users have a completely safe and unrestricted experience.
The mission of Battle Infinity is to revolutionize fantasy sports by competing against immensely popular companies in India, such as Dream11. 
Battle Infinity plans to go beyond the offerings to the legacy players by using NFTs to underpin its team creations and to create a virtual world where the team can battle.
The Coinsniper platform clarified that Battle Infinity is KYC verified and has gotten over 193,900 votes. This nullifies the possibility of the Battle Infinity team taking the investors’ money and disappearing overnight. Another great thing is that Battle Infinity’s smart contract has been audited for vulnerabilities by Solid Proof.
Battle Infinity is a platform that consists of six different products designed as an accessible and easy-to-use ecosystem:
Notably, the presale for IBAT tokens ended recently, but not in a standard fashion – it ended 66 days before the initial target date because $5 million in BNB tokens were sold much sooner than expected.
Recently, Battle Infinity was officially listed on PancakeSwap, which prompted a huge price increase.
At the time of writing, Battle Infinity’s price is $0.004553, with a 24-hour trading volume of $525,840.
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Alpine F1 (ALPINE) token is a BEP-20 coin developed by the infamous Formula One racing team, BWT Alpine F1.
The token was founded in February 2022 and launched on Binance Launchpad, giving holders voting power. Unlike other fan tokens, ALPINE also offers a unique collection of NFTs that users can stake for rewards. Other notable holding features include a chance to meet the F1 team and merchandise signed by the teams.
The market cap for ALPINE is around $36 million, and the token price is $4.30.
PSG fan token allows fans to choose the message written on the captain’s armband and the message for the match day. In addition, holders can also vote on highlight awards such as the defensive play of the season, the goal of the season, and the skill of the season.
PSG token holders can also win rewards, including VIP hospitality at the Parc des Princes stadium, player meet-and-greet events, and signed merchandise. 
Currently, the PSG fan token market cap stands at $28 million with a price of $9.8 per token.
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Società Sportiva Lazio mostly referred to as Lazio, is a professional football team in the top division of the Italian football league. They created their own fan token, LAZIO, which is a Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 token launched in October 2021.
LAZIO token holders can participate in many voting sessions and win awesome digital collectibles. LAZIO was also initially launched on Binance Launchpad, and its current market cap is around $49 million, while the token is trading for a price of $5.91.
Atletico Madrid, a Spanish football club, created their own fan token issued by the blockchain platform Chiliz in January 2020. The token holders are allowed to vote in fan polls and participate in regular promotions. 
Currently, there are 10 million ATM tokens in circulation, of which about 1.2 million are specially allocated only to the club’s fans. Today, the ATM token has a market cap of $15,415,097.
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Football Club Barcelona is a professional football team based in Barcelona, Spain, competing in the country’s top-tier football league and is one of the most followed football clubs globally. 
FC Barcelona fan token (BAR) is minted on the Ethereum blockchain, holders can access their fan reward on the Socios Fan Token Platform. In addition, BAR token holders can vote on various decisions, including match day playlists and captain armband messages. 
According to BAR token’s official website, 22 holders were chosen to play at a match at FC Barcelona’s official stadium Camp Nou. Token holders also have VIP access on match day and can earn fan rewards. 
BAR is priced at $6.94, and the market cap is around $28.1 million.
Galatasaray Fan Token (GAL) is a fan token for the sports team Galatasaray. The team was founded in 1905 by students of the Galatasaray Lycee in the Beyoglu area of ​​Istanbul. 
Galatasaray was the first Turkish club to win the UEFA Cup and Super Cup in 2000. In addition, the GAL token is now traded at US$ 2.53 with a market capitalization of US$ 8.9 million. 
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SANTOS is the official fan token of the famous Brazilian football club Santos FC.
Aside from some of the standard perks like engagement in team activities and voting power, this fan token also provides exclusive privileges like an NFT collection, staking rewards, and access to GameFi.
As of 4th September 2022, SANTOS is priced at $13.37 and has a market cap of $60.9 million, making it one of the largest fan tokens in terms of market capitalization.
In 2021, Porto fans were delighted to hear that their favorite club got its own fan token (PORTO) via a Binance Launchpad. By owning a fan token, Porto fans could get access to many goodies and reward their loyalty. 
PORTO can be used to purchase NFT Mystery Boxes, which can later be used for staking to earn extra rewards on the Binance Fan Token Platform. 
As of 4th September 2022, PORTO is priced at $6.94 and currently boasts a market cap of $54.2 million.
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The famous Italian club Inter Milan created the INTER fan token to offer fans more engagement with the club.
Holders of the INTER fan token get voting power for minor club decisions, access to official merchandise, and entry to the stadium. But there’s also another interesting utility since holders get to decide which song the team will sing when celebrating goals.
At the time of writing, the cost per single INTER token is $3.41, with a market capitalization of $10.3 million.
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With the new trend of fan tokens being brought and many sports organizations and team take participation, competition is getting more complex and difficult.
To talk more fans into purchasing the fan tokens, many football teams try to come up with more unique and engaging rewards. 
However, still, they find it hard to compete against Battle Infinity. Because Battle Infinity is much more than just a typical fan token, and it’s crushing the token fan market.

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