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It's almost "lights out and away we go" for a new Formula 1 podcast.
Over the last few years, F1 has gained popularity in the United States thanks to the popular Netflix series, Drive to Survive. Now, fans can dive further into the sport with a new podcast, Choosing Sides: F1, from iHeartRadio and Sports Illustrated Studios.
The podcast is hosted by The Daily Show's Michael Kosta and journalist Lily Herman, who hope to give fans a clearer view of the seemingly complex world of F1.
"Formula 1 is much more than a car race, it merges together man and machine in a rich people's playground, where the line between life and death is razor-thin," Herman says in a trailer for the series.
Kosta and Herman promise to deliver the latest news about drivers and their teams — on and off the track.
According to a press release, Choosing Sides: F1, will explore the characters of the sport and answer questions such as, "which driver received death threats and hired a bodyguard at the end of last season all because he crashed into a wall?"
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"We'll get into the rules, technology, and on-track rivalries," Kosta says.
Herman adds: "But we'll also get into salacious stories you need to truly understand the sport."
Though Kosta admits he doesn't know much about F1, Herman says she will show him the ropes so that "by the time we're done here, you'll not only be an F1 whiz, but you'll be ready to declare your loyalty to a team and a driver."
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The podcast will debut on June 28 on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, and other podcast services.
F1 is rapidly growing in the United States. Along with the Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, the organization recently added a race in Miami, Florida, and one in Las Vegas, Nevada, set to debut next year.
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Some of the sport's most prominent personalities include seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton and McLaren star Daniel Ricciardo.
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Red Bull driver Max Verstappen won last year's championship and is currently on pace to win back-to-back titles.


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