"We can expect some exciting three-way battles"- Mercedes 'working hard' to match Red Bull and Ferrari's level in 2022 F1 season, says Nico Hulkenberg – Sportskeeda

Aston Martin F1 team reserve Nico Hulkenberg anticipates a three-way battle between Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari in the second half of the 2022 season. The German driver believes teams likes McLaren and Alpine could make the mid-field battle interesting post the summer break.
At the moment, Red Bull (431) lead Ferrari (334) by almost 100 points in the constructor standings. Alpine (99) and McLaren (95) are respectively fourth and fifth in the standings, trailing third-placed Mercedes (304) by more than 200 points.
In his blog ‘The Hulk Report’, Hulkenberg said:
Expecting Red Bull and Ferrari’s lead in the standings to be cut down, the former F1 driver believes Mercedes’ resurgence could make for an interesting three-way battle. Hulkenberg feels the midfield could also feature some engrossing skirmishes between teams like Alpine and McLaren, and his own team – Aston Martin – who are planning a massive upgrade of their car.
Predicting the battles in the rest of the field, Hulkenberg said:
Nico Hulkenberg is one of two drivers yet to open their account this season.
Praising the improved racing on display this season, Hulkenberg noted in his half-season report that the effect of the tow has reduced in the new cars. The German feels the on-track duels have also become more entertaining, as was evident in Silverstone and Austria.
Impressed with the improved action on the track in 2022, the German driver said:
Citing a few examples of exciting on-track battles (Austria and Silverstone), Hulkenberg said:
Hoping for more thrilling on-track battles in the remainder of the season, the former F1 driver feels Silverstone and Austria could be a precursor of of more to come. Hulkenberg also recently completed a successful test run for his own team Aston Martin, who will be featuring an improved car for the realigning season post summer-break.

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