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Everywhere you go, a bottle of champagne is always the go-to choice of drink for any form of celebration or toast. Similarly, as far as we can remember, champagne has always been the traditional choice of podium celebrations. However, that has changed by a company called Ferrari Trento.
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Starting from 2021, champagne has been replaced as the primary choice of drink by sparkling wine. Italian company Ferrari Trento has brought this change to F1.
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The company called Ferrari Trento became the official F1 partner for the choice of drink for podium celebrations. 2021 onwards, the Italian company’s sparkling wine became the sport’s official toast and replaced champagne.
The 119-year-old Italian company replaced the official champagne supplier of the sport Carbon. The 2021 season was the start of a three-year partnership. Moreover, after the partnership, the podium celebration featured sparkling wine after each race. This partnership marks a new chapter, as in over a century a sparkling wine company becomes the official toast of F1 events.
The CEO and president of Ferrari Trento, Matteo Lunelli, shared his excitement. He said, “We are excited to bring a touch of Italian style to the podium at Formula 1 Grands Prix around the world with Ferrari Trento.”
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Despite their recent addition to the world of F1, Ferrari’s parent company, the Lunelli Group, are masters of their trade.
The winery in which the sparkling wine is produced was founded in 1902 in Trento. The founder was Giulio Ferrari, but the winery has been run by the Lunelli family since 1952.
Speaking of the F1 angle, the Ferrari F1 Limited Edition is a Blanc de Blancs Trentodoc sparkling wine. It is the Italian company’s expression of Chardonnay from mountainside vineyards. Exactly what the Lunelli Group, the mother company of Ferrari Trento, is famous for.
“The wine brings people together, as all great bottles of wine do,” says Matteo Lunelli.
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Matured on its lees for 38 months, the sparkling wine takes its sweet time, as they all do! The wine displays great intensity on the nose, with notes of ripe fruit and hints of crusty bread and hazelnuts. A bottle of the Ferrari F1 Limited Edition will bring you down about $35.99.
Although, the glorious opportunity of association with F1 and its popularity on the global stage is not lost on the Italian company.
The Italian company is making the most of the three-year collaboration with the F1 mega corporation. Moreover, the company is using F1’s platform to speak the language of the F1 fandom.
The company’s way of capitalizing is by launching limited edition bottles. The limited edition bottles feature four classic circuits and Grands Prix. Each Grand Prix goes hand in hand with their circuit, which is exactly the focal point of the limited edition bottles. The Grands Prix being the Italian, the British, the Japanese, and the Russian.
“The inspiration for the concept was to celebrate some of the circuits dearest to the hearts of motor sports enthusiasts. These bottles are very special because they celebrate this partnership, which is strategic for us,” said Lunelli, the CEO.
He added, “The design is dynamic, with a dedicated label and customized gift pack for each circuit.”
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The special edition bottles will be a tempting buy for every F1 fanatic. Especially because each bottle with the packaging will feature and celebrate legendary tracks of Monza, Silverstone, Suzuka, and Sochi.
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Is Ferrari Trento the sparkling wine company associated with the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team?
Even though the sparkling wine company shares the name and country of origin. Sadly, there is no relation between car manufacturers and the sparkling wine company.
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However, the partnership is still young and there might be an opportunity for the two companies to join hands for a mutually beneficial collaboration.
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